The Game with Minutes

LaubachFor several years, I’d been searching for a copy of Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic and The Game with Minutes.  They were excepts of letters from a missionary who worked to stay present to God in his thoughts throughout each minute of the day. Sadly, they’ve been more or less out of print for quite a while, and used copies were rather costly.  There’s something rather ironic about that, given that Laubach was the “Apostle to the Illiterates”… Recently, however, a friend had discovered that they had been republished, and I quickly ordered one.  In many ways, it is quite similar to Brother Lawrence’s classic, Practicing the Presence of God, but Laubach is a bit more candid about his difficulties and quite a bit more forceful and insistent in his presentation.  I recognize his personality type in the way he writes, and I think some people would find the task of playing “the game with minutes” in the long run a bit more difficult than he did, but who can argue with the idea behind it?  It’s a good read.


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