The Fundamental Question of Our Hearts

Am I loved?
Do you love me?

But what about the fact that I’m this?  Do you still love me even though I’m this way?

But what about when I do that?  Do you still love me then?

I am convinced that this is the fundamental question of our hearts.  We are beings crafted by a relational being, but born in a broken relationship with Him.  Our very natures are put in question from the moment we come to be.  I am designed to be loved; am I?

It’s easy to answer that question sometimes.  But that’s the head.  The heart is deeper, and it holds a lot of conflicting things in it.  We know we’re loved here, but in some of these other places, maybe we’re not so sure about it.  Maybe we’re aware of uncertainty, and maybe we’re not.  Aware or not, the heart never stops longing to know the answer, and it never stops wanting to know that love deeper and deeper.

The good news is that we are loved.  But I think until we see Him face to face, there will always be at least a little bit of this question there.  Am I loved?  All of me?  Really?


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