Christians Apparently Like The God in Their Heads

I don’t seem to find Jon Acuff quite as funny as others do, but he still is somewhat amusing at times.  And occasionally profound (apparently on Wednesdays, or at least that’s when he tries to be so).  This post of his isn’t shockingly deep, but it does have some merit to it: The God in Our Heads

He did ask one question that I thought could have been profound: “How did I get here?”  I wish he had pondered that a little more.  How we create the god in our heads might tell us a lot about that god and how he stacks up against the real one.

I was also a bit disappointed with the fact that the final takeaway is, “That’s not the real god, so believe differently.”  Another manifestation of “Stop it!”…  Different thinking is a starting point for transformation, but it is not how it’s completed.  The completion is found in love and relationship – especially with the God who isn’t in our heads.  We adjust our head-gods when we find ourselves in open, honest relationship with the real one.

But despite my griping, he does bring up a good point from an everyday kind of perspective.

And I want that backyard…


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