Love of MBAs is the root of all kinds…

Stumbled onto this article in Time’s web site:,9171,2081930,00.html

It’s interesting in its entirety, but if you’re not up for reading the whole thing, here’s the quick summary: businesses used to be run by engineers or otherwise people trained in the craft of the particular industry.  Now they are run by MBAs (which he refers to frequently as bean-counters), and the economy has suffered for it.

So when the money guys are in charge, it doesn’t work as well.  Isn’t this just proof that love of (or focus on) money causes problems?  God seems to know what He’s talking about, it seems, and if this guy is right, the economy is demonstrating it.

(Don’t get me wrong; you need your accountants.  They just aren’t the one’s to run the show.)


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