Chasing the Real Dream

American culture teaches people that they can have whatever they truly want. So persons are trained to think of themselves as completely autonomous selves, as really having unlimited possibilities. One is “as a god” – and anything is within reach. But the things that can be had easily are not satisfying. And in fact the things one really needs – meaning, authenticity, love – cannot be had through one’s own volition, one’s desire to grasp them. No ingenuity can “buy” them, not even asceticism, self-help, or religious techniques. The things we really need only come as gifts, and openness is the condition for receiving these gifts. – Anne Carr, A Search for Wisdom and Spirit, 64

Lord, how much do I believe that the things that I really want are within easy reach, that I can buy or work my way into them? How much do I try to manipulate things to give me what I want when they simply can’t do that? How do You desire me to open myself to You and Your body that I might receive today and in the future the things that truly will satisfy?


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