Insanity and Community

I’m often prety bad at seeing my own insanity. We’re all a little insane one way or another, and probably in lots of little ways. Our thinking and habits sort of get stuck in one pathway, and we can’t see outside of it. I don’t even realize that what I’m doing isn’t the only way or the only option. She needs my help, so I have to do something! I don’t understand the class, so I’ll write something quickly to just get through it. I’ll only check my email real quick…

Of course, my brand of insanity is different from my wife’s brand of insanity. It’s also different from all the folks in my Life with God group and everyone at church and that gal at the grocery checkout. They don’t get caught in the same weird thinking and anxious patterns that I do, and even if their insanity is similar, they don’t share the same circumstances. What set me into a spiral of narrow focus might not have happened to them, and even if it did, maybe it didn’t hit them the same way, trigger their own little quirks.

I suppose that’s one more reason why we really do need each other. When I’m just slightly bonkers, the people on either side of me will be slightly bonkers slightly differently. And while I can’t see my own insanity very well, they don’t have the same kind, so they can look at me and maybe see it. And maybe they can ever so gently point out that I’m in an insane pattern again and that there’s other options.

Image Copyright Nick Gregan

Image Copyright Nick Gregan

The biggest blind spot in the world is right behind your eyes, but that’s where other people look right into. It’s sometimes hard to see into the window of your own soul, but others might just have an easier time.


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