Wasting Time with God

Several years ago, my friend, Klaus Issler, wrote a book entitled Wasting Time with God. I love that title. I wish liking the title made me good at living it out, though.

I’m pretty good at killing time. Thing is, I think there’s a difference between wasting time and killing time. When you waste time, you’re still sort of present to things. You can’t make mud pies mindlessly or doodle without having at least some amount of focus. Killing time doesn’t have this requirement. You can be completely passive, zoned out.

I’m not sure if killing time has a whole lot of benefits to it. I’ve come to the conclusion that, even though I tend to do it when I’m tired, it’s not even really restful. It’s just time spent.

Wasting time, on the other hand, can actually be a good thing. I just read a quote by Einstein the other day, “Creativity is the residue of time wasted.” Things happen when you’re wasting time. Insights emerge. Connections get made. The brain actually works differently when you’re wasting time, and that different working has produced just about every ingenious idea the world has ever seen from new styles of music to relativistic theory to sticky notes.

Relational connections are made during wasted time, too. Lovers go play at the zoo. Families mess around together at the piano. Friends start a basketball game in the driveway. Wasting time isn’t nearly so wasteful as we think.

But do we waste time with God? What would happen if we tried? What connections might be made? What new insights might emerge? How could the relationship get strengthened or tweaked into something better?

We sometimes think that time with God has to be serious or studious or highly focused or contemplative. What if you just wasted some time with Him? Why not try and see…


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