Futility and Blogging

I was planning on writing a blog post on something different, and I might still do so at some point soon, but as I was considering it, I got caught in a little vortex of futility.

You see, I feel like, for the most part, I’m blogging to the choir. (That creates some particularly interesting visual images, doesn’t it?) I run into something (repeatedly in some cases, which is what sparks another post) and feel like we (global humanity, the culture I’m swimming in, Christians in general, me personally, or whoever) are in need of a nudge. “Or a sharp blow to the head,” to steal from Max, the Logomorph1. I see things where we’re hurting ourselves and each other and think that just a little bit of intentionality would go a long way if we all gave it a whirl. I sometimes see where I’m hurting myself and need more intentionality with it.

Of course, my bully pulpit here has enough readership to influence perhaps a Dodge Caravan and a half’s worth of people, and the vast majority of those probably respond not with “Oh, wow! I’d never thought of it that way,” but rather with vigorous nods of the head, because they’ve known the same thing all along.

I can’t help but come back to the often-relieving, sometimes-saddening maxim: no wonder we need a savior.

I suppose, in the end, the reason for so much of the trouble boils down to sin. We’re too proud to consider we might be wrong or that there might be other just as valid perspectives. We hold grudges, refuse to forgive, and label people as all-bad. We ignore others in favor of our own passions and ideas. We assume and generalize about other people and other ideas to avoid the difficulty of wrestling with God and ourselves, like Jacob. And let’s face reality: it’s easier to just run along the grain of the sin instead of against it. I honestly don’t think that’s true in the long run (particularly in the really long run), but it typically is right in the present moment. Perhaps this is why sloth became one of the seven deadly sins.

But it means that those who are pushing against the grain aren’t just pushing against the grain of their own twisted inclinations, they’re pushing against the grain of society’s bent. And so my little blog posts feel like spitballs lobbed against the tarrasque2. I can point to things that I hope for, but those for whom it most matters will likely never see it, and even if they do, that drive to keep going along with our sin will likely keep them from doing anything about it. Change is perhaps too much to hope for.

Of course, maybe once in a while I’ll tag that dragon in a sensitive spot. Or maybe I’ll manage to influence myself. Heaven knows I’m in need of a spitball now and then. Probably pretty darn often, actually.

And for that matter, I suppose the call to any Christian isn’t to change the world. We’re all a little too small for that. The call is to do what we can within God’s loving will and guidance. And for that, I have to trust in God – let Him take care of the world. … which is hard. No wonder I need a savior.

(Today’s stream-of-consciousness style post is ever-so-slightly annotated for the less geek-inclined – just because.)


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    March 19, 2013 at 9:58 am

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