Talks & Seminars

SPIRITUAL FORMATION has become a significant movement in Evangelical churches throughout the country.  But lacking a single center, there is a nebulous understanding of what spiritual formation means for individual people and churches.  Some spiritual formation resources, ministries, and organizations are more helpful than others, while a few can even open the door to false teaching and dangerous practices.

I can help explore with your congregation, staff, or small group what spiritual formation truly is, and how they can take advantage of what the Holy Spirit is doing through the spiritual formation movement in a theologically sound and biblically grounded way.

Listen to a sample from a seminar:


Seminars can be individually crafted for your group or provide a broad introduction of many aspects of formation or growth.  Some topics I have developed and given in the past include:

  • The Biblical Basis for Spiritual Formation
  • Spiritual Direction: What Is It and What Would I Want It?
  • The Purpose and Problems of Pleasure and Pain
  • Personality and Spiritual Growth
  • Desire in the Christian Life
  • Paths of Spiritual Development
  • Faith and Works in the Heart
  • True Forgiveness
  • And others


I’d also be happy to craft day or weekend retreats for small groups to reflect on their spiritual lives, explore specific spiritual formation topics as suggested above, or simply focus on the presence of the God who loved them into being.  Please feel free to contact me about any of these possibilities.