Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Development, Evangelical, Growth, Spirituality, Spiritual, Formation, Retreats, SeminarsMany Christians long for a fuller relationship with Jesus, but they’re not certain how to develop it. Others are hungry for something more, but they aren’t certain what it is and therefore what it takes to discover. The Bible encourages us to become mature, but sometimes all we do seems to fall short. What we often do not realize is that this desire is to broaden and deepen our spirituality, to be formed in the Maker’s hands, not simply in what we do, but who we are and what we experience.

Our relationship with God, how we interact with Him, and how we experience Him in our hearts and the world around us is an integral part of our spirituality as Christians. I hope to see Christians deepen their spiritual lives and to embrace the work that God is already doing within them and their congregations as they explore their own hearts and the motions of the Holy Spirit in scripture, the world, and themselves.